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What is Challenger?

Challenger Limousine" is a family business, aiming in providing a high quality of service for short and long term periods in rental cars for companies and private individuals. Our team conducts its business with the utmost standards of honesty, trust and professionalism. At Challenger Limousine and Rent a Car each service is specifically designed to make the rental experience as affordable, enjoyable and easiest as possible.

How to Challenger?

In 4 Quick Steps


Sign up and book your vehicle, all on our site! You decide the duration, location, and car. It’s all super easy.

Upload License

Upload your driver’s license, pay the small security deposit and your booking is confirmed.


Fill the checklist with challenger by calling us. Grab the keys by self/deliverd to your premises with in Qatar; with no additional charges.then enjoy your drive


Bring the car back to the same location, and fill the return checklist to end your booking. You are all set!